Horse & Rider Training & Coaching Services


Young Horse Breaking

Young Horse Breaking

Holly & Bruce work with a young horse to ease them into new situations with minimal stress. The horse gets one-on-one attention every day as they start to experience all aspects of being a suitable mount for almost any discipline.They believe in teaching a horse confidence, not fear. Whether the horses are off to the races or the show ring, they come out of a 60 day program with not only the riding basics but also manners to tie, bath and behave for vets, farriers, etc.


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Rehabs & Race Prep

Rehab and Race PreparationInjuries happen to many horses and some require a period of time to recuperate and get back into the swing of their job. Holly & Bruce take in horses that require rehabilitation and work with them individually at they get better and get back into shape.

Bruce also specializes in working with race horses to prepare them for upcoming races. He excercises and looks after their needs as they gain the strength and stamina to race to the winners circle.


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Eventing, Dressage & Jumper Rider Training

Eventing, Dressage and Jumper TrainingSuccessful riders start with the right attitude and training. It isn't just about how high your horse can jump but how well you and your horse work together as a team to accomplish success both over fences and on the flat.

Holly is a recognized leader in the Eventing world and works with horses and riders to build a solid relationship where they can challenge themselves and come out feeling great about what they did. She makes her riders feel comfortable and at ease which the horse in turn feels and the outcome is a happy horse and rider who climb up the riding ladder more quickly than with other coaches.

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Holly & Bruce also offer layups for horses who may need some time off. They receive quality care with deep bedding, all the hay they can eat, individualized feed programs and plenty of turnout, if required.




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Training Board

Training BoardNot every rider has the time to give their horse a regular routine of work. With Holly & Bruce's Training Board service, horses are boarded in a wonderful, caring facility where they get regular exercise and training by someone other than the owner.

We provide full boarding services including regular turnout (individual or in groups), boots & blankets on and off as needed, regular feeding schedule, quality hay and lots of attention. We can also help with veterinary care, farriers and other services that your horse may need.

On top of the great training that your horse will get, this package includes regular lessons to improve horse and rider skills as a team, if you wish.

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Freelance Coaching

Freelance CoachingIf boarding with us is not an option, we can come to you. We offer regular, scheduled training sessions for both riders and horses offsite in the local area. If your horse needs some professional training or if you, as a rider, need some coaching on your own horse at home, we are available to help.



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Show Coaching

Show CoachingGoing to a horse show can be very nerve-wracking, even for the most seasoned rider. Having someone there to support you and provide you with tips and techniques can make all the difference in the outcome of your show experience.

As a student of Holly Jacks, you can have her come with you to shows to provide you with that little bit of extra support that you need. Not only does she help you as you go into the ring or out on the course, she also helps you to ease your fears and stresses with her infectious attitude to having fun.

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