Testimonials from our Valued Clients


"My time as a working student with Holly and Bruce was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Using their tried, tested and true methods, they were able to build on the foundation I already had, and help me grow not only as a rider but as a horse woman and as a person. It was an experience I wouldn't trade for the world.

Holly is an absolutely fantastic coach. She taught me practical skills and developed my confidence, while teaching me to think for myself. Never did a day or lesson pass where I didn't learn something new that would help me ride, compete or develop a horse better. The opportunities to grow and learn were endless.  Because of working so closely with Holly, I was able to exceed every one of the expectations I came to her with -- The horse I had hoped to go training level on turned out to be consistently in the ribbons at prelim.

What made the experience even more exciting was learning about a different part of the industry from Bruce. His experience with young horses and race horses opened the door to even more opportunities. Before I met Holly and Bruce, I had never even pet a thoroughbred on the nose. By the time I left, I had the privilege of helping start young race horses.
Working with Holly and Bruce was the best thing I could have ever done for my equestrian career. "

Jenny Jelen

"I have been riding with Holly for only a short time now but have known her for a long while as she and my mom are friends. When my mare, Jessie, and I started riding with Holly we were doing some .80m jumpers. By the time the season ended we were being very competitive in 1.0m jumpers and even tried an Entry level event. Thanks to Holly’s help and understanding we started to overcome some bad habits and even won a 1.0m Classic at Cornerstone Jumper Show.

One of my favourite things about Holly is she is fun. When I feel I am not getting something or just having a “day” she makes me laugh and relax. We have lots of good times going to new places to school and I usually forget that I am learning as well as having a good time.

Holly is also very understanding of the fact that I am in University. This is a little difficult for me as I cannot lesson consistently but Holly is willing to work around my schedule as well as ride my horse for me if I have exams and can’t be home for weeks on end.

I would just like to finish off by saying that switching to Holly as a coach has been the best decision I have made yet. She is fun, understanding and makes you feel important."

Arielle Park

"I was very pleased with the training service provided by Holly Jacks Equestrian. In 2 months, she broke my 3 year-old warmblood and had her walk, trot and cantering in a very correct and uncomplicated manner. She also restarted my 5 year-old warmblood and took her to several shows with very good results.

The horses were very well cared-for, in top condition, sensible and cooperative after her 2 months of training. I would highly recommend Holly for breaking and training horses in any discipline.

Thank you!"


"I have known Holly for eight years now.  She sold me the most amazing horse in the world.  She is the only horse person I have ever met who undersells her horses - they are WAY better than she says they are.  I still have this horse and would not part with him for the world.  So, a big thanks to Holly for keeping me riding and getting me to do things I wouldn't have dreamed of simply because she made sure I got the horse I needed.

Holly also worked with our young horse, taking him from unhappy and ring sour to a winning dressage horse at Palgrave and Caledon with scores in the mid to high 70's.  He is now happily being a hunter in the Maritimes cleaning up at his shows.  Holly is super with young horses - kind but firm - they know the boundaries.  She makes them enjoy their work and she makes them safe.  In fact, I am thinking of sending my volatile pony to her (not the one she sold me) for some work.  I would recommend her highly - her integrity is beyond reproach.  She is honest (if she says she is riding your horse daily then she is - not so with some other trainers we tried) and she really cares about the animal she is working with.  She did so many good things for our young guy - I would have kept him but he grew too big for me - because he would have been the same type of wonderful horse she sold me eight years ago.  Not only did I buy the horse of the century (trained completely by Holly and acknowledged by all who meet him that he is the best) but I gained a good friend who I trust and have sent friends to her for help.  Holly is a breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine in the equine industry.

Holly, you are the best and anyone who uses you to start their horses or correct problems is one smart person.  Your horses are forward thinking and forward moving and really love what you get them to do - a true talent.  And, all with a smile and lots of positive energy."

Susan and Mark Richardson

"I would highly recommend Holly Jacks to start or re-start any horse regardless of the breed, discipline, age or past issues.  She always gives 100% of herself to each and every horse and rider that steps foot into her barn and is highly knowledgeable as well as completely flexible enough to be able to asses each horse/rider’s individual needs and help them to move forward into whichever future they may be destined for.  Holly is one of the most trustworthy individuals that I know, and I can say with conviction that I would let her work with any of my horses that I have, and never feel ill at ease, as they will always receive the best of care.  Whether your horse is destined to be a Grand Prix Jumper, Dressage Horse, Eventer or Pleasure horse she works equally as hard for each and every client, as she feels that no horse or client should be treated differently and every young horse deserves a  safe and positive start in life.  Holly works diligently to constantly improve her growing skills as a horsewoman, training with numerous of the best trainers and coaches in the competition world today to make sure she is current and always able to give her clients her very best.  As a coach she is understanding to every individual’s needs and skill level, and is able to make riding fun while you learn, which is a great asset especially for any young rider starting out or adult amateur.  Holly makes sure to stay connected with trainers and breeders all across North America, giving her a large base of people and horses to find that special partner for you or to help you sell that young horse that  is now ready to move on to his or her forever home.  Holly is truly one of a kind and I am proud to know her as a fellow trainer, breeder, and friend.  You will not go wrong choosing Holly Jacks Equestrian as the place to send your young horse or to further your skills as a rider. "

Genevieve Trimble

"Holly Jacks is an amazing riding instructor. She’s helped me progress from being a nervous rider to being competitive and confident eventing at the Training level.  Holly is great at understanding problems that a rider is having, and working with them to solve it; by talking to them or getting on the pony and showing a rider what she means.  When discouraged by a bad round at a show or a difficult lesson, Holly always tries her best to encourage riders and give them confidence that it will get better.  Holly understands that riding is not the only part of my life. She has frequently tried to reschedule lessons around other commitments that I have made, and always makes riding a fun experience.  Overall, Holly is a fantastic instructor and tries her hardest to meet my riding needs."

Joanne Smith

"I have been riding with Holly Jacks for just over five years.  Holly began by improving my basics on the lunge line and over small jumps.  She has continued to help develop my riding skills and I am now competing at the Pre-training level.  She makes riding a great experience.  From the years that I have known Holly I have developed a great friendship that has become so strong that I now think of her as a big sister. She makes riding fun, part of that is knowing when to push my comfort level and when to just have a relaxed night in the saddle; after either of the types of lessons,  I come out with a smile from “ear to ear.” From enjoying a group ride night to sitting in her truck having an ice cream after going cross country schooling, Holly has been a fantastic coach and a great friend."

Robynne Smith

"Holly Jacks has been coaching my two children for 5 years.  During this time she has helped my girls progress from novice equestrians to confident accomplished competitors.  She has continually provided them with opportunities and challenges which have allowed both girls to develop the skills needed to overcome the fear and doubt which can prevent an athlete from reaching their potential.  Holly, through well planned lessons and training programs, has worked with the girls to set goals and evaluate their progress.  As a result, they have consistently had success in the show ring.  In addition to developing athletes, Holly goes out of her way to help young people develop positive decision making skills and character traits which they will take with them well beyond their competitive years.  Her passion and determination in her own equestrian pursuits sets a positive example for those she coaches.  She brings a completely professional approach to teaching and expects her students to approach learning with positive attitudes and a desire to improve while having fun and supporting other riders.  As a parent and recreational rider, I highly recommend Holly Jacks and her Equestrian Team to anyone wanting to get started in the sport or to those looking to improve their skills and confidence.   Whether in the show ring or as in my own case, for personal growth and fitness, Holly Jacks will help you reach your potential."

Valerie Smith